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Tractor Machinery Exhibit

All Weekend

The 2016 Feature Tractor (and Feature Lawnmower) will be John Deere, Feature Steam Engine will be Keck-Gonnerman, Feature Gas Engine is John Lauson & Lauson Engine.  All makes and models of Tractors and Steam Engines are welcome for display.  Register your tractors and antique machinery at the giant red tractor gazebo. Please make sure to check out our gas engine display also; it is home to hundreds of very old hit n’ miss engines of all sizes and brands.

There are numerous Antique Farm Machinery field demonstrations throughout the three day festival.  Demonstrations include: Threshing Wheat, Shredding, Stationary Baling, Steam Engine Powered Saw Mill, Corn Shredding, Straw Baling, and Stone Crushing.  Many tractors and steam engines on display power the antique machinery in action. Small engines included.


Page updated: 3/8/16

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